Classic Magic setting seeds

Looking back over my classic sixth edition cards, here are some starting seeds for my new DnD setting.

Nevinyrral, writer of the Necromancers Handbook
Panther Warriors
“if it is weak, either kill it or ignore it. Anything else honours it.” – Kaervek
Kjeldor, ice age historian
Volrath, a Necromancer
Rath, the name of the earth?
Trained Armodons, these are their last days
The Llanowar Elves. Tattooed, pale and aggressive.
The rod of ruin
Gerrard of the Weatherlight
Suq’Ata, a people or place?
Samite healers
The Institute of Arcane Study
Norin the Wary
Selenia, dark angel
D’Avenant archers
Karn, silver golem
Talibah, embermage
Anaba, the minotaurs
Enron the Relentless
Naimag, Femeref philosopher
Mana prism

And from a starter deck of Portal Second Age:

Restela, Alaborn Marshal
Tojira, swamp queen
Dakmor scorpion
Talas, explorers, merchants and air sailors
Arathel, elvish queen
Trokin high guard
Jefan, Talas ship captain

And that, along with some beautiful pieces of card art, looks like a great start for a setting.

I could trawl through the online wikis and directories for more, but I want to keep the hyper detail at arms length. I want to be inspired, not rail roaded.



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2 responses to “Classic Magic setting seeds

  1. Khopesh

    Do you have a deadline for when you will need the bones of this setting to begin play, or do you have a comfortably long time to let all of this coalesce and grow?

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