Make Magic Marvel

Last time out I explained how I was going to blatantly steal the campaign world from Magic:the Gathering and pass it off as my own with the serial numbers filed off. That sorts out my geography, and a few nations and factions. Easy. What I need now are some organisations and plots. Time to steal from the very best Mr Stan Lee.

The Marvel Universe is immense. I’m a huge fan and I can’t keep half of it straight in my head. That works to my advantage. If I’m going to pass ideas off then it will help if they diverge from canon. All I need to nick are the concepts, reskin them, and buff them up to a fantasy RPG shine.

So. The X Men. Base concept, a frightened, and frightening minority with bizarre powers fighting for acceptance from a world that hates them, and some internecine strife on the side. Yoink! I’m having that. In my world the mutant gene will be covered by psionics. I’ll have a bad guys organisation, headed up by a Magneto type fella, and a good guy side, with a disguised academy. This also opens up the Savage Land (don’t need to change a thing there, it’s dinosaurs!) and Genosha. Wikipedia is going to be my friend. Nice.

And then there’s SHIELD. Base concept, a government sponsored supers liason agency that defends the world against bizarre threats. If you assume that adventurers are essentially like superheroes in their own world (and I do) then this stuff starts to write itself. Consider Civil War, and you’ve got an awesome epic campaign.

FF? Defender, controller, leader, striker if you ask me. So that makes them a top tier adventuring party, with a base, and links to the Negative Zone (hello Astral Sea!), the Inhumans (dunno yet, doesn’t matter), Atlanteans, Skrulls, the Blue Zone of the moon etc etc etc. It’s simplicity itself.

Some of this is going to be ridiculously easy, and I don’t even need to hide my sources. I reckon dropping an Asgard analogue into the setting is just going to have my players squee with recognition. And if I transpose it badly, or roleplay it poorly, it will only look more original. I can’t lose!

Speaking of Asgard, I need a pantheon, and some cosmology stuff. Where can I nick that from? Might as well plunder another genre, sci fi…


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