Return to Stonefang Pass

A while back I reviewed Orcs of Stonefang Pass ( Now I’ve actually had a chance to play it!

My usual weekly game had to go on a short hiatus due to work pressures, so one of the players (the ever lovely Mrs Baz) volunteered to run a short game in the interim. She’s a brilliant DM (is that ok darling?) and I always really enjoy being a player in her games. She has this ability to be concise, yet evocative, and seems to be relaxed and casual while still keeping a grip on events. I’m jealous. I always go on to much and get all het up about things. Anyway…. The adventure was pretty good. It’s a bit linear, as  you’d expect, and there’s way too many orcs, as you’d expect. Apart from that it’s a good one off that gives you a bona fide D&D experienceticking plenty of boxes as you go. 

I don’t often get to play. This time out I went with a dwarf berserker, which is a barbarian sub class introduced in Heroes of the Feywild. I did try to keep it simple, and toyed with both a pure barbarian and a slayer before settling. It was a weird experience trying to wedge my fairly simple concept into the 4e class structure. I really fancied the idea of a dual hand axe wielding berserker, and it turned out to be not very easy at all. I’m not really an optimiser in the slightest, but even I could see it was silly to not take a great axe. 

The other odd thing about the berserker is how it starts each fight as a martial defender, like the fighter, and turns into a primal striker half way through. I love the concept of bespeaking, but having it happen every encounter takes the zing out of it for me. I guess I could have redone the build to accommodate that, but there’s definitely a trade off between the two halves of the character. I actually wonder if I’d have been better off with a ranger and put all the ‘beserk’ stuff into my characterisation. 

No matter. I enjoyed the adventure, and would happily recommend it. I will retire my character into the builder for now. Orcs across the world can rest easy tonight. 


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