I’ve got my Serpents Skull campaign on a small hiatus while work demands are high. Funnily enough, it’s worked to my advantage. One of the still unexplored areas of the island is chock full of vegepygmies. Ive already worked up some reskinned monsters to replicate these in 4e, and I’m happy enough with them. Then lo and behold, without any fanfare, an article pops up on DDI with them all written up, and with an ecology to go with them.

They are slightly too high a level for me to use them as is, but I like the approach the author has taken. No doubt I will go back to my notes with this article at my side


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  1. alphastream

    I hope you like the article. Leveling them down should be pretty easy once they appear in the Monster Builder, but let me know if you have questions!

    I am working on an adventure that uses them for the Going Last “May of the Dead” event. It is a bit more undead themed, but may still provide some ideas.

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