This year I plan to write a game. I’ve never managed to get beyond the daydream phase in the past but this year I’m feeling confident. Confident enough to publically commit!

The idea came from me assembling my favourite parts of gaming and seeing what those jigsaw pieces looked like as a whole. This is different to the normal way of having an idea and then building a game around that.

I like: skirmish rules, cinematic physics, heroism, mission based adventures, all the dice, Minis and kit, combat, party based play, martial powers.

The answer was obvious. Use the 4e system and World War Two as the setting.



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6 responses to “Commando

  1. Megsz

    It sounds great!

  2. Sounds a great idea – think the 4E rules engine lends itself to this well. I think a huge plus of 4E is that it allows you to create gaming ‘flavour’ via consistent simple rule mechanics. I can see snipers (skirmishers), grunts (brutes), demolitions experts (controllers) .. 🙂

  3. Awesome! Are you going to add any magical/supernatural elements to your game, or leave it as straight-up WWII stuff? Either way, good luck!

  4. Ze Germans better be great at counter attacking, that’s all I’m saying.

    Well, actually, I’ve got lots more to say. Obviously.

    I’ve got quite a lot of piecemeal amateur hour WWII knowledge, so tap me up for that. I’m vaguely aware the baddies in 4e have a different set of abilities than the player’s side does, so there’s some good scope for using different tactics for the various units or theatres of war vis-à-vis the German foes.

    You’ve got some interesting challenges in terms of including armoured vehicles, paratroopers, artillery etc., but I’m sure you’ll relish the lonely fun in between your regular game sessions 😉

    Do you know there’s an art display of Commando comics on in London at the minute? I can dig out the link if you need, or you can find it in the misc section on UKRP.

    Set Europe ablaze.

    • Don’t you worry Gaz, I’ll be mining your brain on this quite a lot.

      I did know about the Commando exhibition. In fact, it was a Facebook notification from the museum that got me started on this!

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