Bring the editions together

An idea has struck me. Editions mean trouble, no matter how good they are, they cannot help but be devisive. However, a single edition cannot possibly appeal to all styles.

There’s lots of debate about the direction a 5e should take, and everyone has an opinion. What if we could have a new way of dealing with it?

This is counterintuitive, but how about a supplement to the current edition, that makes 4e a more rules light, OSR friendly game?

It might include chapters on playing grid less, about condensing conditions, speedier combat etc. Basically solid guidelines on all the usual suspects that clog up the forums. This would work as an option for 4e players, to be ignored if they want. For others, it would have to be inclusive enough to allow folk to use it to play *without* having to pick up the Essentials books (which might be bad for business), a standalone game. Gamma World gets very close to this.

When you take away a lot of the crunch, and look at the heart of 4e, you actually have quite a light system. Using that as a springboard for the other sorts of play styles people want seems to me like a reasonable plan, one that doesn’t add fuel to the edition fires.

Or am I being naive?


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  1. My son ran 4e for a couple of friends for the first time today. He has a lot of the books now, but used the PCs from the starter box set that I bought my daughter a couple of years back. That booklet condenses 4e rules in to a few A4 pages.
    I think a toolkit that allows one to pick and mix the rules to make a lighter or crunchier version would be great.

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