New Dungeon Tiles Alert!

Sometimes there’s a new release from WotC that no one seems to notice. This time round it’s a new tiles set, Shadowghast Manor. It was bound to get overlooked what with Heroes of the Feywild dropping on the same day. I think these sets have very quietly been getting better and better over time. I am glad we’re not continuing with the 3d stuff, which is actually a pain to store and is a bit gimmicky. This set is good old fashioned stuff, it’s 6 double sided heavy card sheets of playable goodness.

One side is a blend of grassy outdoor areas and a gothic looking manse. The indoor sections have separating walls, which is new to this set (other sets use the goals between tiles as the wall areas). The flip side is all about crypts, cellars and catacombs. These ones are really good, as they match up with the traditional dungeon tiles and have bags of personality, if rooms can have such a thing.

I like this set enough that flicking through the tiles is really getting my imagination going. I want to set up some tiles, grab some mining and get a game going based on this stuff. I’m already thinking of that family detailed in Threats to the Nentir Vale (the Gravelstokes, a family of assassins in the paragon tier) and their lair. Hmmmm.





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2 responses to “New Dungeon Tiles Alert!

  1. Kevin

    Thought this was dropping the same day as Book of Vile Deeds. Also thought this would have been more successful as a Mid October release from WotC, just seemed very appropriate for some Halloween/Devil’s night gaming ambiance.

  2. It should’ve come out at the same time as the Heroes of Shadow and Shadowfell books IMO. The second I got my hands on the set, I immediately thought “Ravenloft”, especially with the roses hanging on the wall in the circular room in the manorhouse.

    The street date for this set is December 20, but I lucked into my set by literally saying “GIMMEGIMMEGIMMEGIMME” to Steve Winter when he posted an image of them on the @Wizards_DnD Twitter account. Also, many brick-and-mortar stores got their shipments early (from what I was told on Reddit, it’s one of the perks of participating in the Encounters/Lair Assault events to get some books/sets a week or three before release).

    I’ve got a review and some closer pictures of the set (though my photography skills with my cell phone are obviously lacking) on my blog at if you’d like to see them. And please feel free to cross-promote on mine as well (I added a link to this post on the Reddit link that’s driving my traffic through the roof).

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