I just treated myself to an iPad. This is a lovely little device, and turns out I should be able to blog a tad more frequently now I have it.

It’s not a great friend to DDI though. Compendium yes, builders no. That’s annoying.

Still, I don’t use them particularly much so I’m not too worried.

I am much more likely to use the Dungeon and Dragon PDFs now though, as this is the perfect gadget for that.

My next purchase will be the word processor and presentation apps I think. Does anyone have any recommendations?



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  1. Further to my G+ reply, I found this today which might help. I have no knowledge of the apps though just passing on a link which I think might be useful 🙂


  2. Doug Easterly

    Evernote is one of my most used applications on the iPad, and I have a handful of apps (Penultimate, Bamboo Paper, Takenotes, Fastfinga) that allow me to write notes with a stylus as an image (but that don’t do text recognition), with Penultimate being my most used. aNote is a useful notetaking app, Dicenomicon a nice die-rolling app, Dicebook a decent pdf reader with a built-in dice roller, and DropBox and Box allow me to use cloud storage for easy filesharing.

  3. It’s a boring answer, but Keynote and Pages are both outstanding apps. For your PDFs, I’d grab GoodReader, since it handles large files well and has a great file system. Have a great time GMing with your iPad–you’ll find it’s a HUGE help!

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  5. I’ll second (or third) the recommendations for Evernote and Dropbox. I don’t use them on a tablet, but I do use them on my, Android, phone, netbook and desktop PC to sync everything nicely 🙂

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