Epic finish

Did it!

Our three year campaign finished. Orcus was put to the sword (and spell) and the party saved the Raven Queen, and thus the entire universe. Cool.

She offered each character a wish as their reward. Kallista has become a demigod, and wanders the multiverse looking for new followers of her Cult of Personality. Sebastian has become an Exarch of Kord and is changing his name by deed poll to Thor. Flynn has replaced Vecna as Lord of Secrets. Raelthos has left the multiverse, and maintains a domain deep within the far realm.

Somewhere in a tavern, four young adventurers eagerly debate whether or not to explore the caves where kobolds and goblins are rumoured to lair. Steeling themselves, they head out the door. Their cleric offers a prayer to Kallista, their thief makes the sign of Flynn for luck. The fighter cleans the image of Sebastian emblazoned on his shield. The wizard blows the dust off an ancient and forbidden tome, the Raelthos Codex.



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2 responses to “Epic finish

  1. I like this a lot

  2. Very nice. It’s cool when you can bring a campaign from beginning to a suitable conclusion.

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