An old acquaintance

Regular readers will know I spent the best part of ten years working at Games Workshop from the mid-nineties. I probably spend 40 hours a week painting back then, and I got reasonably good (and fast) at it too. Since I left, I’ve hardly touched a brush. I’ve still enjoyed minis, but largely the WotC pre-paints. Since my kids were born, it didn’t seem realistic to have loads of fiddly bits of kit laying around.

I’ve missed that part of the hobby. So, I’ve decided, it’s coming back.

Today I went down to my local hobby store and picked up a bunch of starter kit. Things have changed! The Citadel colour range is totally different, and there are plenty of extra tools available too. Luckily, I don’t have to promote GW solely these days, so I could pick up some Tamiya Smoke, and some Humbrol undercoat without guilt. The fact that they were cheaper didn’t hurt either.

The whole lot came in at about £50. I doubt that will be the last penny I spend.

Now, minis. I still have more than a few GW minis, though not many left unpainted. I did find this excellent sculpt by Brian Nelson though. This is from the Mordheim range. Actually, he did it for another range (can you guess?), but it’s out of scale. This big boy would probably be 6’6″ in real life.

I’m going to commit to only painting models that I can use in my RPG sessions. This fellow will be making an appearance soon as possible. I’m going to have a good look around to see what cool fantasy figs are available. Feel free to make some recommendations.


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