I’m finished with D&D

Last night we concluded our campaign that we started the week before 4e was released. That’s May 2008, to October 2011 for those keeping track. We’ve played the whole 30 levels, of 300 encounters, and accumulated 1 000 000 xp each.


Next week: we start all over again at level 1. Can’t wait. I still love D&D.



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3 responses to “I’m finished with D&D

  1. Impressive stuff. If there is a geek valhalla, I’m sure Gygax is saving you a place at his celestial gaming table.

  2. Colmarr

    What, no summary? No tale of the glorious ending?

    I feel somehow deprived…

  3. I thought I had summed up? Seems I haven’t. Ok. Watch this space.

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