Huge RPG clearout

I’m clearing out vast swathes of my RPG collection. I need the space, physically and mentally. I really can’t be doing with auction sites and all  that so I simply want to throw this list out there and wait for reasonable offers.

I’m thinking about £10 for a core game, £6 for a sizable supplement and £3 for a slim book. That sort of thing. If you are desperate and don’t want me to consider other offers, then make yours a good one.

I will ask for postage, but not a penny more than it would cost me to send. I’m in the UK and happy to post anywhere you like.

I will be splitting the proceeds 50/50 and giving half to charity. I’m currently raising money for UNICEF and you can see the website here:

I’m happy to work with Paypal, or whatever works for you.

I’ll try to keep up with correspondence of course, but forgive me if I don’t get back to you straight away. I’ll try to edit the list as things are bought.

You can reach me directly at barrystevens267 AT gmail DOT com

Thanks, and on with the list.

The Pirate’s Guide to Freeport, sourcebook, Green Ronin, HB

True 20 RPG. HB. Green Ronin.

                Damnation Decade, 1970s sourcebook

Mutants and Masterminds RPG, 1st edition. HB. Green Ronin

                Crooks! Sourcebook. HB.

                Freedom City. Sourcebook. HB.

                Time of Crisis, adventure

                GMs Screen

Spycraft 1st edition HB, core rules. HB. AEG:

                Shadowforce Archer campaign setting. HB.

                Gentlemen’s Agreement, adventure collection.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG, Palladium Books

Castle Falkenstein RPG. R Talsorian games

                The Memoirs of Auberon of Faerie, sourcebook

                The Book of Sigils, sourcebook

                Steam Age, sourcebook

                Six-guns and Sorcery, sourcebook

                Comme Il Faut, sourcebook

Cybergeneration RPG, 2nd edition, R Talsorian

                Virtual Front sourcebook

                Bastille Day adventure

Truth & Justice RPG. Atomic Sock Monkey.

Champions RPG, 4th edition,  Hero Games (slightly battered)

                Kingdom of Champions, UK sourcebook

Marvel Super Heroes, Project: Wideawake sourcebook.

Godlike RPG. HB. Pagan Publishing.

                Will to Power, sourcebook. HB.

Tales of Gargentihr RPG. Sanctuary Games (sticky plastic covered)

In Nomine RPG, SJG

Call Of Cthulhu Keepers Screen, 1988

Underground RPG, Mayfair games

                Way & Means sourcebook

Buffy RPG. Eden Studios. HB.

Crime Scene: Supernatural sourcebook. Hogshead.

Starblazer Adventures RPG (signed and dedicated by author)

The Whispering Vault RPG. Pariah Press.

                Dangerous Prey supp

                The Book of Hunts supp

                GMs screen

Star Wars RPG, 2nd edition, WEG. HB. (slightly battered)

                Classic Campaigns sourcebook

                Supernova supplement

                Cracken’s Rebel Operatives sourcebook

                Gamemaster handbook

Cyberpunk 2020, 2nd edition RPG, R Talsorian (quite battered)

                Land of the Free mega adventure box set

Living Steel, KViSR rocks! Supp. Leading Edge games

Pantheon RPG. Hogshead New Style

Violence RPG. Hogshead New Style

Puppetland RPG. Hogshead New Style.

Baron Munchausen RPG. Hogshead New Style.

Hollow Earth Expedition, Exile games. HB.

Continuum RPG.

Serenity RPG. Margaret Weis Productions. HB.

The No Press RPG anthology. 8 complete short-form games.

Killer: the Game of Assassination. SJG.

Star Wars Gamer magazine issue 1

Star Wars Gamer magazine issue 3

Feng Shui 1st edition RPG (colour), Daedalus

                Back for Seconds, supp

                Marked for Death, adventures

Stormbringer5th edition, Chaosium

Elric! RPG, Chaosium

                Elric! GMs screen and accessories

                Rogue Mistress campaign

                Perils of the Young Kingdoms adventures

                Sailing on the Seas of Fate, sourcebook

                Atlas of the Young Kingdoms, supp

                The Unknown East, supp

                Fate of Fools adventures

                The Bronze Grimoire, supp

                Corum RPG, Darcsyde productions

Call of Cthulhu RPGd20,WotC, HB

                Nocturnum campaign

                Gamesmaster pack inc screen.

Call of Cthulhu RPG 5.5th edition, Chaosium

                No Man’s Land, WW1 adventure, used and cut out

                1920s investigators Companion

Cthulhutech RPG, HB.

Runequest RPG, Games Workshop, HB.

                Advanced Runequest, HB

                Runequest Monsters, HB

King Arthur Pendragon RPG, Arthaus, (signed and dedicated by Greg Stafford)

Sartar Rising: Barbarian Adventures, Issaries Inc

Unknown Armies RPG, 1st edition. Atlas games.

                One Shots, adventures

Profane Miracles adventure (for Esoterrorists RPG)

Floor Plan 4: Mall of the Dead, SJG.

Deadlands Cardstock Cowboys starter pack (3 missing)

Deadlands Marshal Law, screen and adventures

Deadlands adventure 1; The Road to Hell

Deadlands adventure 2: Heart o’ Darkness

Deadlands adventure 3 Fortress o’ Fear (box set)

Deadlands Dime Novel: Independence Day

Deadlands Dime Novel: Under a harrowed Moon, Savage Passage

Deadlands Dime Novel: Perdition’s Daughter

Deadlands The Great Rail Wars skirmish system

                A Fist full Of Ghost Rock scenarios

Daring Tales of Adventure Compendium 1, for Savage Worlds

Deadlands Hell on Earth RPG, PEG, HB:

                The Wasted West sourcebook, HB

                The Unity, adventure

                Radiation Screen

                Lost Colony RPG

                Hell on Earth d20 RPG

Dime Novel: Infestations

Dime Novel: Leftovers

Dime Novel: Killer Clowns

Cardstock cowboys #2 Horrors of the Wasted West

                Cardstock cowboys #3 Road Wars!

TORG RPG boxed set, WEG

                The Destiny Map, screen and adventure

                The Possibility Chalice adventure

                The Forever City adventure

Savage Worlds 1st edition RPG. PEG. HB.

                Evernight plot point campaign, HB.

                50 Fathoms, plot point campaign, HB.

                Tour of Darkness, plot point campaign, HB.

                Rippers, plot point campaign, HB.

                Low Life, plot point campaign, HB.

                Rune Punk, plot point campaign, HB.

Mage: The Ascension, 1st edition RPG, White Wolf, HB

Mage: The Ascension, 2nd edition RPG, White Wolf, HB

Mage: The Ascension, 2nd edition revised RPG, White Wolf, HB

Mage the Sorcerer’s Crusade, White Wolf, HB

                Halls of the Arcanum, sourcebook

                The Book of Madness, sourcebook

                Digital Web, sourcebook

                Digital Web 2.0

The Book of Shadows; Mage Players Guide

                The Book of Mirrors; Mage Storytellers Guide

                Destiny’s Price

                The Book of Worlds, sourcebook

                Hidden Lore, supp

Virtual Adepts

Storytellers Screen

                The Fragile Path, fiction

Werewolf 1st edition RPG, White Wolf, HB

Wraith: The Oblivion, 2nd edition RPG, White Wolf, HB

                Ends of Empire, sourcebook

Wraith: The Great War PG, White Wolf, HB

World of Darkness: Sorcerer

The Book of 3 Circles, sourcebook for Exalted

The Secret of Zir’an, RPG, Paragon Games, HB.

Over the Edge, 1st edition RPG, Atlas games (sticky plastic wrapped)

                Unauthorised Broadcast, supp

                Welcome to Sylvan Pines, supp

                Edgework #1, supp

                Weather the Cuckoo Likes, sourcebook

                Players Survival Guide

                House Call, sourcebook

                Forgotten Lives, adventures

Deluxe Hero wars RPG, Issaries, boxed set

                Glorantha, introduction to the Hero wars

                Thunder Rebels, for Orlanthi barbarians

Starsiege RPG, Troll Lords, boxed set

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition, Green Ronin, HB

                Paths of the Damned: Ashes of Middenheim, adventure, HB

                Paths of the Damned: Spires of Altdorf, adventure, HB

                Paths of the Damned: Forges of Nuln, adventure, HB

Apocrypha Now, supp for WFRP1

WFRP1 Companion

Sorcerer, Ron Edwards, HB

The Dictionary Of Mu, supp

Hellboy sourcebook and RPG, SJG

Forbidden Kingdoms, d20 pulp RPG, HB

Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies RPG, ASM

Wild talents: Essentials edition RPG, Arc Dream

The Shadow of Yesterday RPG, Clinton R Nixon

Passages RPG, Blue Devil Games

Capes RPG,

Don’t Rest Your Head RPG, Fred Hicks

Warmachine Prime, 1st edition wargame. Privateer Press

Warmachine Hordes, 1st edition wargame. Privateer Press.

                Escalation supp.

                Superiority supp

                Apotheosis supp



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8 responses to “Huge RPG clearout

  1. Wow that should free up some shelf space. Are you going to have much left after that?

  2. kamawell

    Ooh there’s a few things there that look interesting but I’ll have to see what you’ve got left after pay day!

  3. Do you still have that WFRP core book? 😮
    If yes, I take it in a heartbeat (as long as its not beaten to death).

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