Sorry about the apology

I never like seeing bloggers apologising for the frequency of their posts. Or the quality. However, I’m doing just that.

In the last couple of months I’ve still been gaming every week (level 29 now, with a new campaign just about to start), but most of my attention has been taken up by two new things. First, a transfer at work, which means having to be a bit more visible than I used to be! Second, the arrival of my new baby daughter, Emma Grace. Pics on request. All that has meant poor posting from me, but that’s about to change.

Also, I’ve been very active over at UKRoleplayers. There’s been a small exodus in recent weeks, so the traffic hasn’t always been there. I’m less likely to be posting there in the future. I maintain a presence on FB (largely non-gaming), and of course the big new thing is Google+ (look for me at +Barry Stevens). There’s likely a post or two based on that experience alone.

So, sorry about the apology. There’s more gaming goodness coming your way soon. It will be the usual stew of thoughts, often but not exclusively regarding D&D. It’s good to be back 😉



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2 responses to “Sorry about the apology

  1. Noel

    Hello Baz King, its Old timer from the UK Role players, just popping in to say Hi, and got your message. Will talk more later, dont know if you care, but your posts on said forum seems to have got some talk and a lot of posts, so it seems to, so far, lit a fire under at least some of the posters there.

    • Hi mate. Good to have you aboard. Lots of things for everyone to enjoy here, though its often thru the lens of D&D. Hope you get something out of it.
      And yes, I’d noticed the vitriol, and the kind words too, on the forum. I wish them all well.

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