Serpent’s Skull conversion

I’ve been messing around with Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv, converting the encounters for 4e. It’s not exactly straightforward! I knew some of the encounters would be easy enough, but I’ve found that the base assumptions of the two games are fundamentally different. Where PF is content to put you up against a single opponent, in 4e the default is the encounter group. In some cases, like the vegepygmies or the eurypterids, that’s fine. With other encounters, I’ve found the opponents really really difficult to find. I’ve ended up using some level 8 creatures, with the obvious drawbacks for pitting them against a first level party. I could use the monster builder to create my own, or even just adjust the levels, but I really wanted to just copy/paste from the Compendium without too much hassle.

So, I’ve decided to let the monsters stand largely as they are and just see what the party does. This could actually be interesting. Of course there’s no good reason for the party to fight every opponent, and now there’s a few good reasons why they shouldn’t! There’s also some fights that should be quick to finish, and I’m hoping take 15 minutes or less to play out. So what if these encounters are unbalanced? The variety should make a decent change from the norm.

So here’s the very basics of the encounters in 4e terms. the creature names are taken directly from the Compendium, so you can make up your own crib sheets.

Feast on the Beach

Level 1, 475 xp

Craud Impaler x2 (level 3 skirmisher)

Craud Crusher (level 4 brute)

Wreck of the Jenivere

Level 1, 400 xp

Craud king (level 5 soldier, leader)

Shark (level 5 brute)

Predator Dens

Level 1, var

  1. Blood Hawk (level 1 skirmisher)
  2. Leaping Felldrake (level 1 skirmisher)
  3. Ambush Spider (level 2 lurker)
  4. Black Dragon Wyrmling (level 2 lurker elite)
  5. Ankheg (level 3 lurker)
  6. Crocodile (level 3 soldier)
  7. Pseudodragon (level 3 lurker)
  8. Cave Fisher Spiker (level 3 artillery) Cave Fisher Angler (level 3 lurker)


Level 3, 750 xp

Skeleton x 2 (level 3 soldier)

Skeletal Archer (level 3 artillery)

Skulk Zombie x 2 (level 3 skirmisher)

Viper Nettles

Level 1, 100xp

Skill challenge, 4 successes

Nature DC 12

Perception DC 12

Endurance DC 12

Thievery DC 12

The Brine Demon

Level 2, 700 xp

Direguard Deathbringer (level 8 artillery elite)

Creeper’s Clearing

Level 2, 700 xp

Bloodthorn Vine x 4 (level 2 soldier)

Vine Horror (level 5 controller)

Abandoned Camps

Level 1, var

Grasping Zombie (level 1 brute)

Spiked Snares

Level 1, 175 xp

Kissing Maiden (level 4 lurker trap)

The Treasure Pit

Level 2, 600 xp

Lacedon x 2 (level 7 soldier)

Pezock’s Crab

Level 1, xp 400

Kenku Assassin (level 5 skirmisher elite)

Cannibal Ambush

Level 1, 300 xp

Kissing Maiden (level 4 lurker trap)

Common Bandit (level 2 skirmisher)

The Silent Island

Level 2, 656 xp

Myconid Guard x 2 (level 4 soldier)

Myconid Rotpriest (level 3 brute leader)

Myconid Gas Spore x 4 (Level 4 skirmisher minion)

The Nightvoice

Level 3, 775 xp

Myconid Sovereign (level 4 controller leader)

Myconid Colony Swarm (level 5 artillery)

Myconid Rotslammer x 2 (level 5 brute)

The Fungus God

Level 5, 1052 xp

Black Pudding (level 8 brute elite)

Black Pudding Spawn x 4 (level 8 brute minion)

The Spirit of the Hill

Level 1, 350 xp

Dryad Witch (level 8 controller)


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