The Castaways

I’ve converted the castaways from Smuggler’s Shiv to 4e. I used the new monster builder so it’s a bit rough and ready, but as companions, they’ll do just fine.

The Castaways



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4 responses to “The Castaways

  1. Hey Baz

    Couple of questions if I might.

    Firstly are these AP’s from Pathfinder any good?
    Second where can you buy them in the UK, the web site offers PDF and print but I bet is terribly pricey to get it sent to us in the UK.

    Third how are you converting, do you find it difficult to stick with the XP budget and what about treasure and magic items etc.

    Sorry for all the questions, but having seen the quality of the way these look, I’ve been tempted in the past, but its so difficult to know if you can port them over to 4e easily or even if they’re worth doing and how?



  2. Good question, one that deserves a full answer! I’m collecting my thoughts on the conversion, and will post as I go.

    That will serve as a review of Serpents Skull as well I reckon.

    I haven’t been a huge fan of the other APs, at least not as much as some gushing opinions I’ve seen! They are heavy on the story, which is fine, but a lot of it doesn’t come out at the table. The encounters are a bit poor too. On the other hand they are a good read. So, by adding in 4e mechanics, I think you get the best of both worlds.

  3. As for price? I bought the PDF directly from Paizo. It makes conversions easier in a way, and it’s great for handouts.

  4. Hey that is great mate, thanks for letting us know. I’ve bought PDF’s and then printed off the relevant bits. Found using a laptop at the table and greater tool than ever before for that reason.

    Anyway I look forward to hearing more.

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