It’s a start…

Inspired by Chris Perkin’s superb tutorial, I’ve been messing around and came up with this.

I used MS Paint, because it’s about all I can understand. I enjoyed doing it, and it may make an appearance in a game near you soon!



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2 responses to “It’s a start…

  1. Evilgaz

    Bless ya Baz, we’ve all got to start somewhere! Perfectly servicable map, shame you’ve only got Paint. GIMP is free so you might want to try learning to use that at some point. The tutorial advises using a new layer every time you want a new farmstead etc. which is a retarded way of going about it, but in Paint that’s not an issue for you – at least you’ve got the Fill With Colour tool.

    Good to see you getting creative! 😉

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