Gamma World, first playtest

Finally got a chance to play Gamma World last night. I really like it! We were a man down on our normal group so took the chance to try something a little different. We did characters and got through a couple of encounters in just over two hours. Here’s the cool list:

  • It was fast. Chargen is awesome. The sheets are a great guide to doing the character, but I ‘missed’ the builder support from standard D&D. Writing the powers was quicker than I thought, but I’d still like colourful cards for them. WotC did powers packs for D&D a while back, I reckon yu could do a whole GW set in one box. I’d buy it.
  • The background is slick. It didn’t need prior reading or character background essays. It took 1 minute to explain the basics, and then we were off. The guys ‘got it’ intuitively.
  • The double origin produces awesomnity. We had a prescient saurian, a wheeled exploder, and a plaguebearing hawkoid. Nice.
  • I like ancient junk. It always raised a chuckle, and immerses you far more than mere equipment would.
  • Alpha powers rule. It keeps the characters fresh and makes each encounter unique.
  • Tokens. I’m annoyed that not all of them have a ‘bloodied’ side, but I do like the art and the completeness factor.
  • Omega Tech. As with the Alpha powers, they make every encounter different without the GM having to prep anything.
  • The monsters. The Yexil absolutely blew through the party.
  • Deadliness. Maybe it’s because we’re at first level, but I like things being bloodied in one hit and dead in two. Seeeing as chargen is so easy, I think the TPK danger is part of the fun.
  • The booklets. Nice format. Got to get used to post-it notes, or do my own screen.
  • Skills. 10 is perfectly functional. Not worrying about challenges takes me back too.
  • Ten levels. It seems that you level up at twice the speed of D&D and there’s a third of the progression. Add in the PC turnover, and the decks, you get to seee a lot of the game in a short period of play. Having taken 3 years to get to level 27 in D&D, that’s refreshing.

All in all, it was a really nice change of pace, and I think we’ll return to Gamma Terra when our D&D campaign tops out in a couple of months.



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3 responses to “Gamma World, first playtest

  1. For next time…
    There is a character generator from WotC. Not as powerful as the CB but it certainly gets the job done.

    And since you mentioned liking the junk, Critical Hits has the awesome Junkulator.

  2. Granger44

    My part kept the Yexil immobile for the first half the battle and it missed with its eye lasers, so it wasn’t quite as impressive as it could have been.

    This post on Critical Hits has a number of different tools. My favorite is the origin half-sheets. I know I found some for Famine in Far-Go somewhere too, but I cannot find them now. There’s also a few sets of powers cards listed on there too if you prefer that.

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