Dungeon Mapping for Idiots

I’ve been looking for a simple way to produce dungeon maps for ages. I’m aware of loads of programmes that purport to do the job, from Masterplan to Pymapper, to the tile planner that WotC offer(ed). They’re fine, but still too complex for my simple capabilities.

While messing around with them, I realised I had a simple tool already at my fingertips, that I was well used to using: Powerpoint.

I downloaded some tile images from WotC, and then pasted them into Powerpoint. I set it for ‘snap to object’ and off I went. I didn’t have every single tile, but I had plenty with 2 minutes on Google. I then copied the whole lot into Paint and saved as a JPEG.

Here it is (based on the adventure available in the Free Stuff page):

Now all I have to do is add text and a key. It’s almost too easy!

What do you think?



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2 responses to “Dungeon Mapping for Idiots

  1. That is almost too easy . . . and impressive. I have Open Office, but I’m sure the technique would still apply. – Thanks!

    • Since posting, I’ve managed to get Masterplan to do what I wanted, but it still does too much if you know what I mean? This way is super simple and that’s what I needed.

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