3D terrain fun

This report in from last week’s session. Thanks to Danurai.

Storm Cage!


Kallista snuck down the dry stone steps, the room behind the heavy velvet curtain looked like a mess hall. Several gaunt creatures were hunkered over wooden tables, chomping and slurping at their food but something was amiss. There was a crack of bone as Kallista took in the blood spattered tables and discarded human remains on the floor.
Her voice echoed through the stone room as she recited the familiar incantation, a point of crackling energy appeared in the air then burst into a raging storm of lightning, scorching the tables and sending crockery flying.
Oracle hefted her shield and strode into the room swinging her icy blade, occasional tongues of lightning arcing off her armour she addressed the occupants with a grim promise “Prepare yourselves for the final death.



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2 responses to “3D terrain fun

  1. Bobby Jennings

    Dang, Baz, I’m trying to stop buying tiles.

    Ok, not true, can’t buy enough. But my wife doesn’t appreciate you’re encouraging me. 😀
    Great post, and love the pic.

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