Do I DDI, or don’t I?

I’ve had a DDI subscription since launch. I can afford it, and never really worried too much about content particularly in the past. I’m not angry, or disillusioned, nor do I have a big sense of entitlement with it. That said, I’ve recently wondered just how much of DDI am I using? Taking a swift look at the last 25 published articles, only 4 of them are behind the paywall. That’s not many at all. I enjoy the columns far more than I do the crunch heavy content anyway, so maybe it’s not worth me paying for Dungeon and Dragon any more? With adventures, I have enough printed ones to keep me going for years, and I’m confident enough to write my own nowadays anyway.

Of course, the character builder is part of my sub too. I quite like it, although the bugs in it drive me mad and some of the functionality is not as good as the offline one which is just plain wrong. Even so, from my player group of 5, 4 of them maintain a sub just for that (the 5th is my wife so I can’t expect her to not jump onto my account!). It does the job.

I guess the thing I would miss most would be the compendium, although even that is only replicating what I have in my books. (Actually that’s not true, I haven’t got Psionic Power, Martial Power 2 or Adventurer’s Vault 2 as the compendium gives me what I need without the expense and space issues of books.)

Without doubt, the things I use most that I would really struggle without, are the art and map galleries. To be honest, I’m not sure why these are behind the paywall anyway?

So, it’s a dilemma. Could I go without DDI? I’m starting to think I could. If WotC wants to keep me as a happily paying and playing DM, they really need to get me some tools pronto. I want a mapper, and encounter builder, a monster builder and all the rest. Come on!



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7 responses to “Do I DDI, or don’t I?

  1. I share the confusion, but through the opposite lens.

    I’m NOT a subscriber. A big part of me (the part that joneses for regular D&D fixes) wants to be, but the logical part of my brain is so far succeeding in telling me that the benefit I’ll get is not worth what it will cost.

  2. PS. Love the new banner image. Adds a sense of action and excitement to the blog that the old “spooky swamp” image didn’t.

  3. Daz

    I must admit it’s mainly inertia and a sense of completionism which stops me desubscribing. The VTT does interest me and I think that subscribers will get their hands on it soon, so I’ll probably hang on a while. Having said that the content does seem to dwindling so I can understand people re-evaluating.

  4. Of course, with megacorp-like serendipity, WotC has now announced the start date for the new online monster builder.

    Notwithstanding that it will probably be as buggy as the online character builder was at commencement, how is it that they can time these things so perfectly?! If I were DMing right now, I’d be resubscribed within the month.

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