Illusory Assistant

My wife plays Kallista in our weekly game, a level 25 human wizard. She’s pretty fundamental to the groups success, especially whenever there are minions in play (not for long usually). trouble is, my lovely wife is 5 months pregnant and struggles  with fatigue when we play late into the night. chances are she’s going to have to retire a bit early for the forseeable, so what to do with no wizard?

I’ve come up with a companion caharacter who can step in for her. The conceit here is that one of Kallista’s favourite spells is Illusory Assailant, so what if that spell became a companion to an epic level busy wizard instead? Now, when the player retires half way through the session, the character teleports away, leaving behind her magical assistant to remain with the party.

Here he is thanks to the Monster Builder:

No relation

 I’ve rolled up a couple of traits with the help of DMG II as well. let’s see how the party get on with this chap alongside them.

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