What I Did Last Summer

The last D&D books I bought, that were not Essentials, were from August 2010. That’s 6 months since I flicked through my brand new Dark Sun books. Thing is, I’m not complaining. I love Essentials, and I am taking the chance to catch up on books that never got the detailed read they should have fgotten on purchase.

Take the Plane Above book. It’s brilliant, it’s creative, it’s slightly mad. I skimmed the whole thing last year but now I’m re-savouring it in all it’s glory. I’m still playing every week, so it’s good to go back through my collection with all those newer experiences in mind. The epic stuff in Plane Above makes loads more sense to me now and I really want to run some adventures on the astral sea.

So it turns out that this pause in production at WotC is doing me a favour. Take your time Wizards, I’ve got plenty to keep me going.


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