Free first level Essentials delve

Let me know what you think of it! Cheers, Baz

Return to Coppernight Hold



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7 responses to “Free first level Essentials delve

  1. On first readthrough, very nicely done. I like the clean layout in particular.

    Your dungeon tile layouts (which I like, btw) would benefit from not using flash as it’s reflecting too much. Add more ambient light and turn off the flash. I’m guessing you already knew about that though 🙂

    • Cheers mate! Yeah, I know, the photos are taking ongoing radiant damage. Still, considering they were from my phone they could have been worse!
      What I really need is for WotC to give me a graphics tool for this sort of thing. They had one, but it’s well out of date. Shame.

  2. newbiedm

    Great idea, you beat me to it. I was hoping to release delves for Essntials as well. You may want to check out’s section, Downloadable Delves, and submit your work there for download.

    Good job!

  3. Still reading through it but as a preliminary comment I love the way you have structured the skill check entries. The format allows a DM to quickly and easily determine what the Party learns.

  4. After a quick read through I think you’ve created a tight little adventure to run. It covers a lot of different creatures, with traps and a light skill challenge to boot. Lots of different skill checks around.

    I’d really suggest looking into using Pymapper. I recently gushed about that free program our blog. You can export very nice maps and plug em into your PDF. Thanks tons for writing this up and sharing with us!

    • I tried Pymapper for an hour or so yesterday. I found it a bit unwieldy, but I’m sure that’s just me rather than the programme. I couldn’t upload tiles at all!
      However, in doing so I think I’ve found a really easy alternative solution. Post coming up.

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