Fantastic settings

Years ago, I dabbled with Magic: The Gathering, sometime around Ice Age I think. I enjoyed the game, but it was only ever a diversion from roleplaying, so it went up on the shelf and gathered dust.

Ever since, I haven’t crossed paths with Magic. I had no idea if it was even still a going concern. I’m still not particularly interested in playing the game either. Still, on a whim, I checked out the website and was immediately drawn to the settings on offer. I don’t remeber much of a setting back in the day, but there’s plenty to see here. I encourage you to while away a couple of minutes watching the art galleries slide past. If you can’t get inspiration from those there’s no helping you!

I recommend Zendikar. I’d play in that world, regardless of system, in a heartbeat. And isn’t Lorwyn/Shadowmoor just demanding to be part of the Feywild and the Shadowfell?

So, what else have I been missing?



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2 responses to “Fantastic settings

  1. Noumenon

    World of Warcraft, maybe?

  2. Lathander Kain

    I love Mirrodin and Kamigawa. I’ve actually used the Nezumi from Kamigawa as primary antagonists in a campaign. I’ve always wished that the D&D branch would release settings books of the worlds of Magic.

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