Ever heard of the Seszrath?

Seszrath, by Ben Wooton

One of the minor benefits of having nothing much more than Essentials releases in recent months is that I’ve been able to catch up with some of the zillion hardbacks I’ve bought over the last couple of years. Sometimes, while I’m browsing my books, I come across something that really fires my imagination. So I thought I’d share with you, from the pages of the Demonomicon, the Seszrath.

I knew nothing about this beast until I read this entry. That happens a lot with me and D&D specific lore. This is a huge undead demon, who likes to devour everything in his path. He’s a level 24 brute. So far, so vanilla (for demons anyway). There’s not a huge amount of text to go with this guy, so I looked through his statblock. Turns out he has an immediate reaction to good guys moving adjacent to him. He lashes out with a Vicious Grab. He can grab two PCs in this way. On his own turn he has Vicious Throw as a standard (4d10+18, push 5, prone) and as a minor he has Consume (4d10+10, ongoing 10 necrotic).

What I love about this isn’t the numbers, it’s the way they promote a scene in my brain. I can just see my groups swordmage and rogue charging this monster, getting grabbed and not worrying about it too much (they’re epic after all). On the Seszrath’s turn, I can’t wait to describe it seemingly perusing the menu and deciding on who to eat, and who to toss away. Priceless.



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2 responses to “Ever heard of the Seszrath?

  1. Those are certainly some cool abilities. Going to have to try and use some of those in a custom-made beasty of my own.

  2. If anything, this post pinpoints exactly why the flavour text was such a huge loss from earlier 4e MMs. I’m personally very happy to hear that it has returned in Monster Vault.

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