WotC, please publish these in 2011

Dear WotC R&D people. Please publish the following:

I want the Feywild but I want it done differently.

It has to be a campaign setting, not just a supplement. It would have Players guide and a FM (FeyMaster) Guide. Ideally it would even contain the basic rules so that worked as a standalone game. You would play entirely in the Feywild, but ‘normal’ characters could drop in during the paragon tier. Perfect world? This would be a boxed set.

Then I want the Shadowfell, given the same treatment as above. That’s right, I get to be the ShadowMaster.

Settings wise, give me the Dawn War, and the ability to play Gods v. Primordials. If that works (and really, why wouldn’t it) it would be bookended by the Dusk War. Epic epic.

Then I want 4e Supers. In a custom built setting.

…and, rather mundanely, a DMG 3. It would be about the epic tier, natch, but also about worldbuilding rather than just dungeon building.

And a pack of poster maps please.

Pretty please?

Thank you.



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3 responses to “WotC, please publish these in 2011

  1. Those all sound like good requests. I could definitely get behind a guide to the Feywild and a guide to the Shadow realm.

  2. I guess third this. I really would love a Feywild and Shadow realm guide.

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