Brand New Year

Brand loyalty. There’s something to say for it. Roleplayers are very bit as tribal as anyone else. For a couple of years now, the big division has been within D&D, between 4th edition, and Pathfinder. Or has it? some of the comments I got to my last post made it clear to me that actually the divide is just as much (or even more so) between the fans of Wizards of the Coast, and Paizo.

Paizo’s fans characterise the company as open, friendly, communicative, passionate, helpful, charitable and many more things. Wizards detractors see them as big business, controlling, paranoid, out of touch and many more things.

For me, I can’t quite see as many differences between the two as all that. I won’t deny that Paizo’s rep is deserved, but WotC? Why can’t they get any credit for what they do? Every product, decision or comment that comes out of WotC is treated so very uncharitably by fans, even by 4e fans.

So, for those who see WotC as the bad guy in the RPG community, let me ask about these: the Encounters program, and the DM rewards program. For me, these are great initiatives that if any other RPG company did them would be showered with garlands. The best I’ve seen from outside 4e fandom has been grudging acknowledgement at best.

Why can’t credit be given where credit is due?



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2 responses to “Brand New Year

  1. Syrsuro

    Your argument would be stronger if WoTC hadn’t effectively canceled their DM rewards program.


  2. Sigil

    It may not always be company loyalty, but author loyalty. It is sad that WotC Christmas layoffs have become a tradition and that we are surprised that they did not happen this year is a sad comment on the corporate policy. I want the stars in the RPG world to do as well as the stars of my favorite sports team or musicians.

    I choose to vote with my dollar by supporting companies that treat others as I think they should be treated. That listen to the fan base (I am not sure WotC has ever had an open playtest for anything). They treat me well personally… That is, the time I had a problem with a Paizo product I thought they were more than fair in thier resolution. The one time I contacted WotC (years and years ago…) well, I am still waiting for a response

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