Monster Vault first impressions

Lovely book physically, handles well.
Can’t disagree with the monster selections.
Why so few Epic monsters though?
The tokens are cool. Will keep these in their frames for ease of selection.
The adventure is really good.
As is the map.
There’s a level 1 to 5 mini campaign for essentials now. Good.
The lore sections make this a pleasing read.
This will make me put MM1 into storage.
No creation rules is a bad thing.
The owlbear cover rules all.
All future monster sets should come like this.


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2 responses to “Monster Vault first impressions

  1. I must be the only person in existence who doesn’t like that Owlbear cover.

    I can understand the nostalgia squee that comes from having an Owlbear as the poster-child for the monster vault, but I consider the actual picture seriously unimpressive. /shrug

  2. I just got mine a few days ago. I agree with almost everything you say, though I think it’s a great ADDITION to the MM1. I mean, MV only has two Dragonborn, while MM1 has five. Just a quick example.

    MV’s Dragons are probably superior, it has more Vampires, it has (slightly) better Gargoyles… Overall, Monster Vault rules… As I state in my own blog, actually.

    As for why so few Epics? Money, dear boy! They need to make a Monster Vault 2, 6-12 months down the road…

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