The Ultimate Tavern

“You all meet in a tavern…”

The original unoriginal beginning to adventure. But what if you did all meet in a tavern, and what if that tavern was the most fantastic place in the world? What would that look like?


My plan is to make the ultimate tavern for fantasy worlds. It will be the place to meet patrons, swap stories, hear tall tales, cement reputations, make legends, get roaring drunk and have one of those lovely little bowls of spiced nuts they do. 

I need your help and inspiration. I have the physical place all mapped out, and I have some plots, history, schemes and organisations all ready to go. I want to populate this place with (ir)regulars of all stripes, and that’s where I could do with a hand.


So tell me about your character.

 It can be any fantasy character. It might be the one from your gaming history, or one you play today, or one you’ve always wanted to. System is irrelevant (I don’t want numbers). I only ask that you use the following template if you can (and if you can’t, I’ll get over it).


  • Occupation: what’s your way of life?
  • Physical description: just briefly, including any quirks
  • Attributes and skills: anything markedly above or below the norm
  • Values and motivations: what spurs you to action?
  • Behaviour: traits that stand out
  • Useful knowledge: perhaps a hook?
  • Mannerism: something memorable 

As they come in, don’t be afraid of putting in links to other characters. Enmities and alliances are all grist to the mill.


My long term plan is to gather this cast into a game resource. Eventually I’ll publish it. Contributors will be credited of course, and if there is anything physical to come from this I’ll get you a copy gratis. That’s all I can offer. I know it’s not much.  

Over to you.



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3 responses to “The Ultimate Tavern

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  2. A knight arrives bearing a battered shield across his back, the symbol upon it is a white rose on white.

    Had mean to get this done sooner by NaNoWriMo has been eating my time.

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