A Good Day

Arrived today: Monster Vault, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, City Tiles and news of my wife’s pregnancy. Awesome.


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6 responses to “A Good Day

  1. Arbanax

    Wow mate congrats on the new arrivals – pregancy I get but how did you manage to get the other stuff so quick? Love to hear your thoughts on these new things, Essentials and new digest format seems to be the way they’re updating the rules now. By by DMG and PHB etc.


  2. Danurai

    Congratulations guys!

  3. Misroi

    Congratulations on the news! Is this your first child, or just the latest edition? 😉

  4. Arbanax

    Wow thanks Baz, I knew LG were good but not that good. My only beef is that you can often get stuff cheaper elsewhere I’m on a tight budget so regretably I’ve got to shop around or do without. Glad to hear you rate the Monster vault, was thinking about getting this.

    Anyway best wishes for the growing family.


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