Token Effort


Ever since I got hold of the Red Box I’ve been fascinated by tokens. I’ve got a reasonable collection of minis, but as my game hits the epic tier I’m finding that the encounters require more exotic fare. So, an IT idiot, I’ve turned to technology to see what I can do. The answer is this.


What I did was grab some images from the WotC site. In this case the Art Galleries for Death’s Reach. Copied the image straight onto a Word document. Cropped it to roughly the right shape. Added a circle, transparency 100%, outline 3pt black, sized to 2.5cm. Dragged the circle over the image. Resized the main image until it looked right. Added a second circle in white. Copy paste until you have enough.
Hit print. You get stuff like this.

Blackstar Prowler

 Glued these to some thin black card, and punched them out with a circular paper punch I grabbed from Hobbycraft. Done.

If you make the outlined circle red, you have a bloodied version ready to glue to the reverse.

There’s an encounter coming up with a couple of dozen shadow angels. I had no chance collecting that many minis, but with 15 minutes work and some patience, I now have the lot ready to go.



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3 responses to “Token Effort

  1. Arbanax

    Great idea mate, I’ve been using minis in the tri fold sort so they stand up. I based them onto GW slotta bases, but I find as the party move on that storing these things is problematic. So tokens is increasingly the way I’m thinking of going as much as I like miniatures.

  2. It’s interesting how the hobby seems to be headed back towards the basics when it comes to representation of combatants.

    It doesn’t seem that RPG miniatures – of monsters at least – can be produced for a price (or under a model) that is cheap enough for consumers but profitable enough for manufacturers.

    As for the tokens themselves, I think Newbie DM at one stage recommended using 1″ washers to give the tokens a little more heft and permanence. Might be worth looking into.

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