A DM is made, not born

My wife and I did something a little exotic last night.

No, not that.

She stepped up to run her first ever session of D&D, having been a player for the last couple of years. She was excited and nervous in equal degree, and understandably so. I shared her nerves, but she managed to put a smile on my face with the following exchange yesterday over breakfast;

Me “So are you looking forward to tonight’s game then?”

Her “Yeah, i’m going for a TPK”

My heart sang.

She ran the level 9 adventure from Dungeon Delve and it was absolutely brilliant. She had a lightness of touch with the group that showed me a thing or two about my own DMing skills. She kept it loose when it needed to be, and was strict when it counted. There were some lovely little story moments, like when she called the city we came from Kallistopolis. (Her weekly character is Kallista, who is benevolent and wise).

Check out the homemade initiative cards...

We burned through three encounters (which she adjusted on the fly to keep things challenging but fluid). At the end we’d had a great night’s game. She reports being exhausted, but happy! There’s every chance she’ll do some more. Good skills Mrs S!

Devils in the details...



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2 responses to “A DM is made, not born

  1. Excellent! The world needs more DMs. Here’s to you, Mrs S.

    The only fault I can find is that the Caramel Nibbles are on the wrong side of the DM screen. Make sure you fix that oversight next time 😀

  2. Daz

    Have to ask just how exactly did you manage to lure the missus in to gaming? Despite my best efforts to educate her indoors she still scoffs at the notion and gives me and my cohorts a wide berth anytime I host a game. Perhaps it’s just not in her gaming DNA.

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