Random tables

One of the really good things that you get from the Pathfinder Gamesmastery Guide is the inclusion of random tables at the end of each chapter. These are incredibly useful, whether to glance at for inspiration, or to roll with and generate your games from.

As a for instance, at the end of the Running a Game chapter, there are the following tables:

Plot Twists
MacGuffins and Quest Items

 So let’s roll, and see what we get! Dice rolling duties will be performed by my son Danny. 

Plot. 12. Destroy: Purge a dungeon of monsters

Twist. 9. Love interest: An NPC encountered in the adventure forma a romantic attachment to one of the PCs, not necessarily reciprocated 

Quest. 75. Shipwreck

Hmmm. Not bad, but not particularly inspiring. Let’s try again.

Plot. 27. Bait and Switch: Monster far beyond the pCs is allegedly behind the plot – can it be true?

Twist. 6. Dual Nature: omeone in the adventure has a second nature or some form unknown at the start. 

Quest. 57. Design for a new weapon.

That’s a bit more like it.

More random table goodness as I review the book chapter bt chapter. I think I’ll keep this second plot as the main thread and see what else the book gives me to work with. Thanks Danny, good rolling!


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