Errata error, revised revisions.

Re: the whole, ‘is Essentials a new edition or what’ debate. Just wanted to get a piece of pedantry off my chest.

er·ra·tum //  ( -rä t m, -r -)

n. pl. er·ra·ta (-t )

An error in printing or writing, especially such an error noted in a list of corrections and bound into a book.

re·vi·sion //  (r -v zh n)


1. The act or process of revising.

2. A revised or new version, as of a book or other written material.

I think there’s a whole bunch of revising going on that people are caalling errata. Errata is never to be criticised as far as I’m concerned. If it’s wrong, it needs to be corrected. Revisions, on the other hand, are all subjective. You can agree with them or not.

I’m not making any judgement here, just getting the language right. Carry on.



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2 responses to “Errata error, revised revisions.

  1. morrisonmp

    Except that this isn’t really errata or revisions…

    They call it updates.

  2. Sure, these are updates. And based on the description above, these updates are revision-like rather than errata-like. I don’t think it matters at all, personally, but I think that previous editions might have used the term “errata” when they didn’t really mean it literally.

    And of course “revision” starts getting into the whole “half edition” debate… sigh. I don’t care. The game changes and evolves over time. Go with the changes, play without them, do as you wish. Me, I’m happy to incorporate new material as it becomes available, but if there are any changes that I don’t like I’ll ignore them at my table. Playing in organized events is different, of course.

    I wonder how much strife these changes would cause if there was no organized play? If all we had were home games, there would probably be tons of people who never knew or cared about changes to the rules (well, there probably still ARE tons of people in that situation!). The only time a player or DM who likes the original 4e books as printed would ever be forced to deal with updates would be if they were playing with others who were using those updates – which certainly happens at organized play events (LFR, Encounters, con games). Hm.

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