I’m not really a fan of the ‘sorry I haven’t posted for a while but…’ post. However. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.

I have been writing, in fact I just finished up a Con report where I ran Dead By Dawn for a gamer dad and his 4 teenage boys. Both the game and the report were really cool. Trouble is, WordPress just ate my post and that’s half an hours work I’m not getting back.

I’ve also been running Demon Queen’s Enclave, as well as reading Hammerfast and the Underdark sourcebook. So there’s plenty in the pipeline, don’t worry. When I stopped sulking about not saving my work, normalservice will resume.



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2 responses to “Sob

  1. Shame about the blog post but it was good to meet you at the con.

    I hope our paths will cross again at a future con.

  2. Noumenon

    I don’t save, but I do hit Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C before I ever click submit on a comment box.

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