Five at the brink of Desolation

Tonight is a special game night. I get to play. I never get to play. Awesome.

Dan is DMing and we’re returning to his Eberron game. This will be the second session and it’s been ages since the first. I’m absolutely stoked at the prospect. My character is a human bard, and it’s going to be really interesting to play a leader with this group. Also cool is the fact that Matt is coming along too. He’s Dan’s brother and has never, ever roleplayed before this campaign, so it will literally be his second outing. Dan did his character for him, but you can tell Matt is loving it. He’s playing a wizard, and I think this is perhaps the best edition for letting newbies get away with that class.

It’s four years since the day of mourning, and we’re in Sharn. I can’t wait.


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