The feeling of new sheets

So, long time readers of this blog will know that I have an irrational dislike of some of the formatting decisions for 4e. I totally understand that I have a minority view, and I’m cool with that. I’ve gotten past it.

One area that every gamer thinks they’re better at than the pros is character sheet design. The internet is chocka with the damn things. I’ve had a go at it myself using my childlike ability with Word to come up with the character booklets (linked at the top of this screen). I did this because I wanted to have char sheets that I could hand to a newbie with some hope that they would be able to get playing within 30 minutes. I’ve had success with my sheets, go me.

And now WotC have shown me how it should really be done. At the upcoming D&D Experience show there will be a new delve to play through and a new set of characters too. They’ve put this Githzerai Monk sheet up as a preview, and I love it. That’s not exactly a straightforward class and race combo for the casual D&Der, yet they’ve managed to make it all go onto a double sided A5 sheet and make it colourful to boot. The swine.



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3 responses to “The feeling of new sheets

  1. Like you, I’ve always been frustrated by chracter sheets (and by most layout / design in most RPGs).

    The new WotC one certainly looks pretty and shows what you can do if you have professional artists producing a single character sheet. It is still not viable for a real character, e.g. one that starts at 1st level and grows.

    For example, what happens when the character has more than equipment six bits of equipment? Likewise, the powers conveniently fit onto one side of paper.

    I’m also not convinced by having white text on a coloured background on the Power’s titles. It looks fuzzy to me and white on colour is nearly always a poor choice because of the weak contrast between letters and colours.

    • True, true. I think the white on colour thing is probably less of an issue when it’s printed out. I agree that it looks fuzzy in it’s present state (I have the same feeling about the PHB).


  2. danurai

    Very pretty. It would be great if you could get the Character Builder to output something like this – I think it’s most of the way there. The option of making an A5 booklet character would be a good start.

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