Hardcore rules

Just so you know, I’ve got an aim for this blog. I want it to be a good read first and foremost.  I think it is, largely, and my commenters seem to agree. What i find odd though is how the most popular blogs seem to be the ones that are a bit more, rulesy (?) than this one. So in the spirit of “if you canm’t beat ’em, join ’em”, I proudly present the stats from our last session of Trollhaunt Warrens. All compiled by the ever lovely Danurai. Enjoy.




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2 responses to “Hardcore rules

  1. Kyle

    Is there a program or something Danurai used to track and output that data?

  2. danurai

    Hi Kyle,
    I track hits, misses, crits and damage dealt each round with pencil & paper at the table and then input the numbers into an access database outside game time. The output’s just an access report printed to PDF using CutePDF.
    The big thing missing is assessing the impact of our Warlord, on paper he ends up looking a bit rubbish where in fact his damage, hit ratio etc is reflected in the effectiveness of the rest of the team.

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