My combat tracker for dummies

I use this simple Google spreadsheet. It’s super-simple, and it has to be given my IT skills. I put in the real names obviously!

The autosort function is a lifesaver. I type in the PCs initiative when they call it out, I always ‘take 10’ for the monsters and then hit ‘sort z – a’. Done.

If I’m feeling foxy, I’ll put in a rule under the monsters HP so that it turns red when it gets to ‘bloodied’. I don’t bother with anything for the PCs apart from rounds taken, they can track their own hits.

I simply type ‘x’ into each box when the participants go is done, or ‘d’ for delay, or ‘r’ for ready.

When a monster dies, I highlight the row, hit backspace to clear it, then autosort again.

For conditions, I’ve tried all sorts of nonsense. I use Alea Tools on the battlemat. On the sheet I find it quick enough to just type it in with an abbreviation for duration eg. -2 AC eo?nt (end of (PCs) next turn).

There you go. Enjoy.



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3 responses to “My combat tracker for dummies

  1. Does this mean you’ve given up on the IniTracker you posted about on Aug 7? (Yes, I know I’m a couple months slow on this – I just found your site last night!) The IniTracker looks nice and convenient even just for tracking initiative turns (possibly even nice for tracking hp and conditions for monsters – players can track their own).

    • Hi Scott,

      Yeah I’ve moved on to a paper solution rather than using my laptop for everything. For me, it was becoming too much of a time sink messing around with various spreadsheets and applications. As you progress through my posts you’ll see what I’m using these days: index cards hanging off my screen. A Luddite solution, but it’s really effective.

      • Thanks! I actually started with the index cards thing. Last session I tried out iniTracker and was decently impressed, but ended up with some index cards anyway for player assistance. I may go completely back to paper as well. The computer just adds complexity, even if it is cool.

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