Monster builder

The beta is live and available on DDI now. I’ve had it for 2 minutes. It’s awesome.

Until now I’d been wrangling different ways to get monsters onto paper that works for me. I’d actually resorted to manually typing them out. No more. What I love so much about this is that it is designed to help me run my games, not just to be flashy, or a good read, or just fun. It’s sheer utility and it’s just made every other D&D purchase slightly more useful. Awesome.

I’m greedy though. I want to be able to do skill challenges, and maps, and wikis and, and, everything! I just might then be able to write my own stuff and not have it be such an effort.

Well done WotC. Impressive.


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  1. Danurai

    I was thinking how I’m going to run initiative for my game and was thinking about going down the card route. I wasn’t that impressed with iNit and I think it’d be a bit fiddly for keeping track of stuff. So I was hunting around for Monster Card templates for Magic Set Editor yesterday but WotC have had them all taken down. Sounds like they’ve come through for the insiders now though, I’m off to DDI now 🙂

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