Previously in Pyramid of Shadows…

This just in from Steve, who plays Sebastian in our weekly game. A conversation overheard from Vyrellis:

The wizard was becoming more and more interesting, especially now that Illvelios has been taken by this strange affliction. Perhaps I could persuade him to part with me for a small amount of time so that I can get a real idea of the human’s power…..

     The fight in the bizarre oasis of the arboreans was very enlightening. The way she dealt with the Hag was very much to my liking, I wonder……

     Having convinced Illvelios to part with me I now have the wizard in my grasp, with not much convincing she made light work of the annoying satyr and its minions. I am satisfied with her power, though not so much as to aid her any more. She is, after all, only human.

     Not long after this battle I was impressed once more. The arborean priestess, who at first seemed formidable was made light work of and her bodyguard tree-thing was swiftly dispatched by a basic spell. Hmmmm, she continues to impress……

     They think I do not watch at all times, though my scrying can penetrate more than the thin leather strappings that she wears. I observed the demise of the fast moving creatures with much pleasure. 

     As they rest I sense in her a great power, it is building up inside and it may not be long before she can impress me with new spells learned from her experiences, one more confrontation, perhaps two. I cannot wait……..


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