How my players get their RP in

I don’t often trouble the readers of this ‘blog with play details from my weekly game, but I thought this merited inclusion.

Like many groups we tend to concentrate on the combats at the table. Sometimes I have  a nagging concern that the story suffers as a result. However, in the days between sessions, my group e-mails each other with actual play reports. This latest from Steve shows how the RP is still there, in people’s heads, which is where it really counts after all.

  • Excerpt from “My life with Moonchild” – Sebastian Sigismund
         “…our time in the Pyramid of Shadows had been arduous at best. Vicious fights with Humans and Abhumans alike had taken their toll on both our bodies and minds. Seeds of mistrust were being planted from both Vyrellis and the Pyramid itself.
         “Ilvellios was becoming more involved with the woman in the crystal ball; Flynn had been tricked by a Succubus into planting his blade into Raelthos’s back; Raelthos himself is becoming more mysterious with his new psychic attacks; and Callista seems to be letting her hightened powers go to her head.
         “Our recent fights had given us more to worry about however. Ilvellios, Flynn and I had been injured in a vicious struggle with a creature neither man nor beast and elements of its affliction had begun to surface in us.
         “After banishing the Succubus and her Demons we continued south and came across an interesting device. A set of levers protruded from a wall, flanked by two mirrors. Neither of these mirrors showed a reflection, but later were realised to be some form of scrying devices. We had in fact found another group of  Garash’s bandits. A hard fight ensued but we were victorious, the only casualty was Callistas ego as she found a new meaning of the phrase ‘Burning Hands’. At this point we decided to rest up.
         “Cries of agony woke me in the night, finding Raelthos and Callista tending to Ilvellios. It was then i realised i was drenched in sweat, as it appeared so was Flynn. Burning from some unknown fever i fell back to sleep. Of the three of us who suffered, Flynn seemed to have come off best. I was still a little feverish but generally ok. Ilvellios did not look good, his eyes had lost their glow and were beginning to turn a little jaundice. His hair looked scraggy and he would not accept any food, claiming that only meat would sate him…..”
         “Our next move will be to go west once more, where Flynn had scouted ahead and informed us that we would return to the Ettins chamber. The Ettin still lay there, burned, bruised and still very dead. Regardless, we still trod carefully in fear of disturbing corpses that resided below. Moving north we were halted by words of warning from Vyrellis. It seemed we were approaching ‘The Library.’ What this entailed we would not have guessed or imagined……….”

     The rest of this page is soaked in blood, if there had been anything written there it is now unreadable. 


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