Character booklets for 4e

As I’ve been prepping for the 4e games I’m running at Furnace later this year, I’ve been working on character sheets.

I wanted a simplified sheet, suitable for newbies to the system, but with enough detail for old hands. I wanted it to be small enough to not take up too much space at the table. I also wanted it to be colourful and tell the story of the scenario a little bit.

Given that my IT skills are basic at best I’ve gone with a Word document. Can’t get easier than that. I’ve done 4 sheets which I print 2 to a page thus making an A5 booklet. That means you see the pages in this order, 2,3,4,1.

I still have some tinkering to do, like adding in the flavour to the powers section, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with these.

Andraste Booklet

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

EDIT: My USB flash drive containing this and many, many more Mb of gaming goodness has just died. All data lost. At least I still have this sheet.



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7 responses to “Character booklets for 4e

  1. Very Nice, colorful, easy to use. Love the rules summary, and the character profile is nice.
    Oddly enough I couldn’t tell what level she was!

    Here is what I’d do to change it.
    Provide a spot for indicating which skills are trained. A check box for you have used your daily and encounter powers. Add a line between the powers to make them a bit easier to read, or convert to 2 cols. I did it and it looks nice.

    This has given me some ideas for a character portfolio I’d like to do.

    Godd job!

    • Cheers Tim, good feedback (like your ‘blog too!)

      I didn’t include the level because in a one shot game it doesn’t matter, I’m trying for simple as possible. Same with trained skills, it hardly ever comes up. As I’m writing the scenario I’m sure it won’t come up!

      I’ll definitely try to include the checkboxes though, good call.

      • Danurai

        Although I like playing with cards I like the powers section – I like cards but this means less to organise and with tick-boxes just as effective – and the rules summary is ace.
        Have you tried generating something like this from DDI Character Builder? Once you’ve got a sheet format you can save it and apply to any character, quicker than typing them on Word plus I think you can put anything on there that’s in Character builder including background or your own free-format fields. I could have a go & email it through..?
        For skills you could add an asterisk or something to indicate trained, although it might not add any value rules-wise it will give the player a bit more flavour as to what skills they’ve been trained in (diplomacy) versus natural talent (arcana)

      • Manually typing it all in was doing my head in to be honest!
        If you know a way to get builder to do this then share away mate.

      • I love Microsoft! Word recovered the rest of the sheets I’d done, so I’m going to upload them onto a seperate page on this ‘blog for safe keeping. Phew.

  2. Real nice, thanks! I may print some of these out for when I want to play with my younger sisters.

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