The Lost Mines of Karak pt I

Lost MinesScenario by Greg A Vaughn with James Larrison.
This is the fourth installment in the Scales of War adventure path, and crucially, it’s the first time you have to be a subscriber to get access to it. This has a couple of implications. The first three parts were all free, so no matter the quality, it wasn’t costing you anything. Now that this comes with a price, I think it’s fair to have higher expectations. Secondly, I wonder what the take up has been among groups for this adventure? Were the first three parts ‘sticky’ enough to convince non-suscribers to join? Or was this change enough to make groups drop the whole adventure path? Let me know. In the meantime, let’s crack on with the review.
This adventure starts at 6th level, and as with previous installments, will provide you with one and a half levels of play. The background is simple, in ancient times a clan of dwarves worked a mine in a secret location out in the desert. They called it Karak Lode. Eventually the mine and it’s inhabitants became forgotten to history. In the present day, clues have been found that could lead to the old mine and it’s unplundered wealth. A dwarf merchant named Bram Ironfell tasks the party with reclaiming the mine. 
The connections to the previous adventures are tenuous, which means that for once you really could run this as a standalone adventure. Given that the bulk of the adventure takes place way off the map, it would be easy enough to retool the location and have this in your own campaign. Trouble is, that rather defeats the point of the adventure path. It may well be that there are some plot threads in this that will become more apparent later. Or it may be, as I fear is the case, that this is simply a glorified side trek to the main event.  

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