New toys

Here’s a quick rundown on some of my latest acquisitions:

Alea Tools condition markers. I can’t recommend these highly enough. Our games have been getting swamped in counters and markers, now we have these magnetic lovelies the table looks a lot more clutter free. The way they flick together is incredibly satisfying.

Dangerous Delves. The new minis from WotC. There’s one visible monster and four hidden. The set is pretty good actually, but what I really, really need is themed sets. In the meantime this is a reasonable compromise. The thinking behind the visibles is a little odd, a unicorn? A troll and a troll king? But the paintjobs are fine and out of 4 sets I only got 4 doubles. Not bad at all.

Monster Manual II. Impossible to grade as it’s so ecletic. A great toilet read if nothing else. Superb art, and some really lovely creatures. I think my fave is the Kenku. Just makes me wish the minis release lined up with it properly.

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  1. SamVDW

    John Lewis, the other blogger at RoleplayingPro, loves the Alea Tools markers. I haven’t gotten a set for myself yet. I’ve heard a lot of people complain they are too expensive, but at the same token everyone who has bought them has nothing but praise for them. So obviously they work well.

    WotC is doing a great job at making their minis a money maker. I personally don’t like to paint miniatures, so the fact that they come already painted is a huge bonus for me.

    I haven’t gotten the Monster Manual II yet, but I think one of our GMs has been throwing things at us from it.

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