Tonight’s game

I always look forward to our weekly game, bu this week even more so as we have two new PCs joining the quest.

Danurai has a Shaman, and Julio (last I heard) has a Warden. This is a double first for our D&D history, two new classes I’ve not read in any depth, and I’m excited to see what they do. Especially the Warden, as it’s not exactly iconic.  

I’ll be sure to report our findings.


Well, what a disaster. One chamber which was a total pixelbitch. Followed by a trapped room which served to split the party leaving two defenders to take on the whole encounter on their own. Both died. At least they got to play, the rest of the party were locked out.

This game needs to finish, soon. Gutted.


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One response to “Tonight’s game

  1. deej (DJK)

    It really was a bugger, I wasn’t expectin Julio to go charging in like that. Before everyone had been cautious, which would have allowed more of the party in before the trap triggered.

    It was gutting that Julio lost his second character in 2 sessions, but I think we can get to the end in a timely manner.

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