I thought I knew it all….

This time checking out Lord of the Green Dragon’s excellent ‘blog and this was buried in a long post about the old school movement:

"If you want to go really old school, who’s to say you shouldn’t roll your character’s hit points every morning when they wake up. So a fighter that rolled an 8 on that D8 yesterday may only start with a 1 today. Thus, the adventurers would need to consult with each other about how they’re feeling before deciding to sally forth, or else wait until tomorrow. Does anyone really want to go back to that excess? It’s how it was done for a period, and straight out of OD&D. "

I never knew that. You rolled your hit points every day? Wow.

And then I thought, how cool is that? I’ve never, ever seen such a thing in RPGs, but it makes a crazy kind of sense!

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