Ba’zars Beligerents

‘They will feel the tender embrace of the Great Mutator before this day is out’ ranted Facetious, pacing around the smoke filled pavillion.
‘Oooh. Who’s tired?’ Replied Scintillan, haughtily smoking a Cathay cigarillo. She sat on a throne constructed of barbed wire and ears. A stench of musk and blood filled the tent as Ba’zar coalesced from the darkness.
‘Stop bickering the two of you. Its time to bring some fun and slaughter to this weary world of mortals. Scintilla, Facecious, put aside your petty squables for now. I need a new fez and hookah, let’s go and steal some. ‘
The daemon prince chuckled and blinked out of existence. Seconds later he floated over the battlefield, the rays of the morning sun rippled across his great pinions. It would be a good day, breakfast was marching over the horizon.

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