War Stories

Some nuggets of awesome from last nights game.

Sebastian gets punched in the face by a 25′ bronze minotaur, flies backwards towards a lake of poisonous, demon infested blood, until his Dwarven Greaves stab into the stone anchoring him in place. He flips back up and Brutal Strikes the construct right in the happy sack.

Kallista sprinting and ‘porting across the surface of the same blood lake, dodging Carnage Demons and Minotaur whips to grab the two halves of the Bloodhorn Blade.

Flynn getting his tools into just the right spot to be drenched in bollock steam.

Moonchild getting his intimidation on, shadows and purple lightning blazing from his eyes as he stares down a trio of ghosts. “Dude, we’re already dead. Its not going to get any worse”

Flynn realising his best contribution in a social skill challenge is to brew up and make toast for his team mates. “Jam anyone?”

Sebastian trying to break a (stationary) rock with his flaming warhammer and nearly taking out Ilvelios’ eye.

Ivelios responds by bench pressing the fighter. Grrr.

Flynns eyes lighting up at the prospect of a +3 (cursed) magic dagger that even his mates won’t touch with a 10′ pole.

Ilvelios handing Moon’ a spear. “What’s this exactly? Some kind of cooking implement?”

The same pair enjoying a world of grapple in the Chamber of Howling Pillars. Is it some kind of homo-erotic thing they have with being ‘restrained’ together?


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2 responses to “War Stories

  1. You see, you just can’t buy class.


  2. Anonymous

    War Stories

    Sticks and stones may break my bones
    But whips and chains excite me.

    Not enjoying the Chamber of Howling Pillars, separated from the Motley Crew and with restricted movement, I need shadows!

    Raelthos Emo Starlock Moonchild III

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