Con Scenario

Busy doing research today for a 4e D&D scenario I want to run at Dragonmeet this year. Its gonna be tight to get in a full game, especially with 6 players.

Spent a lot of time asking the online community for ideas and got a lot of answers. None of which I’ll be using! While I was waiting for the twins to wake up I was messing about with the compendium on DDI and came up with a couple of nice ideas, which I won’t spoil here.

Now, I don’t write a lot of adventures, but 4e makes it easy. The complicated part is in choosing from the options. What I will say is that I really, really like skill challenges and I don’t think I’ve seen them implemented in the official adventures with any flair as yet. I’m going to make a big deal of one in my game, that’s for sure.

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